Yoshinobu Takeda, a.k.a TAKEZO (ZEAUX)
Born in Japan.
Winner of the "New Artist of the Year" from the Bay Area Blues Society. Yoshinobu Takeda has been
in constant demand as a vocalist and guitarist on the Bay Area scene since 1985. There is an unbelievable voice & energy that comes out of this hugely entertaining frontman.
Joshua Q. Paxton
Born in Ohio.
Josh Paxton stewed in the musical juices of New Orleans before moving West to hook up with Zeaux. Previously of Wild Magnolias fame, this mad man never fails to cull an eruption of applause for his crafty, endless and seemingly out of control musicality.
Visit Q's Blues
Michael Messer
Born in New York.
Michael has extensively investigated and participated in the rich diversity of New Orleans music, and dishes it out with excitement. Known as a one-man dynamic incident, Michael righteously serves the audience as the Ambassdor of Groove.
Here's example of his work
Mike Sugar
Born in New Orleans.
Mike holds down the musical center of the circle of Zeaux. He's been playing bass for half his life and across the United States. This dangerous bass player soothes the audience with solid grooves -- until unleashed. Beware.

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